Sweet 16 Dresses

Every young girl looks forward to her sweet 16 party -- her official unveiling as a young woman -- and the Sweet 16 Dress that will make her truly stand out. It is the moment she crosses the threshold from childhood into adulthood, and she wants to look good crossing that threshold. That is why her sweet 16 dress is very important. It makes a statement. Sweet 16 Dresses need to make her feel like a princess but also like a mature young woman. She needs to feel like the center of attention. Sweet 16 Dresses tend to make any girl feel like the world is at her feet.

Much like a wedding, a sweet 16 party is all about the girl. What she is wearing, how she looks and who she is dancing with. She is the guest of honor and all eyes are on her. The right sweet 16 dress helps set the tone of the party. If she is wearing a short, flirty dress with ruffles in a bright color, you can be sure she will be dancing the night away with her guests. The venues, the flowers, the food and the music are all important elements of a sweet 16 party, but the sweet 16 dress is what everyone will be talking about. The goal is to be memorable and make all her friends envious of her sweet 16 dress – and the way she looks in it.

Because a sweet 16 is supposed to be a celebratory party, the dress should be fun with a touch of innocence as well as a touch of sexiness. After all, she is no longer a little girl. A sweet 16 dress should showcase the girl’s youth but also show her budding beauty. A flouncy dress with a short skirt may make the perfect sweet 16 dress because it’s playful yet flaunts the girl’s legs. Most Sweet 16 Dresses styles are shorter, falling at the knee or just above it. Brighter colors as well as thin straps or strapless gowns are most popular with girls choosing their Sweet 16 Dresses.

To achieve that whimsical look while still capturing the allure of beauty and impending adulthood, sweet 16 dress styles with lower necklines and flowing fabrics are gaining popularity. A sweet 16 dress is a girl’s coming out dress. It’s the embodiment of her introduction into adult society. The sweet 16 dress should showcase the girl’s unique style and be a fun celebration of her big day.

The dress a girl chooses for her sweet 16 party sends a message. Is she laid back? Is she elegant? Is she a club kid who loves to dance? The girl needs to decide who she is and how she wants her guests to see her before choosing a sweet 16 dress. Many girls opt for a strapless empire waist sweet 16 dress with a shorter hem. With this sweet 16 dress, the girl is enjoying her last hurrah as a child but also setting the tone for the young woman she wants to become. It shows she is strong, confidant and a bit sassy.

However, not every girl wants to wear a less formal sweet 16 dress. Some girls still opt for the formality of the full-length Sweet 16 Dresses. This option is best for girls who honor tradition and want to be sophisticated and elegant. She can still dance and party with her friends in this sweet 16 dress, but she will also feel like she is showing respect for her parents, guests and the traditions of the celebration.

The ball gown is still a popular option for a sweet 16 dress. The roots of the tradition are based in making the girl feel like a princess, so this option still resonates with many young girls who dream of making their debut as a young woman in a Cinderella-style sweet 16 dress. Of course, the tone of the party should match the dress. Girls who are holding their special event in a ballroom or formal venue would best be served by wearing a ball gown. A house party or beach celebration may not be the right location to wear such a sweet 16 dress.

Although a full-length sweet 16 dress can come across as stuffy to some people, designers have done a good job of keep these gowns very youthful and fun. Designers have added beaded details to their sweet 16 dress styles to make them pop. Asymmetrical sleeves and cinched waists are other details seen in some sweet 16 dress styles that make them less formal. Of course, bright colors are also a way to energize a more formal sweet 16 dress. A girl can still choose a full-length gown but choose a bright orange or yellow pattern. She will certainly stand out as the center of attention.

Bright colors are also great for showcasing a beautiful figure as well as healthy, glowing skin. Most young women are developing into womanhood at this age and have beautiful thin figures. They also don’t suffer from skin damage. Instead, their skin is smooth and sun-kissed. A brightly colored sweet 16 dress can really show of a young girls shape will contrasting beautifully with her skin tone. Wearing a shorter sweet 16 dress will also show off her toned legs that are just starting to become shapely.

Not every girl is blessed with honeydew skin. For girls that do have paler skin, a darker-colored sweet 16 dress would be flattering. These girls should choose a gray, black or navy blue sweet 16 dress for the best contrast against their skin. A white, gold or silver sweet 16 dress is a great option for a girl that has very dark skin.

Some girls want to make a bolder statement with their Sweet 16 Dresses. They want to break away from the traditional mold and don a unique sweet 16 dress. Planning the party around a particular theme, like a Victorian ball or an ’80s party, will make the event memorable. Choosing a dress that fits the theme and is almost like a costume instead of a sweet 16 dress will definitely make a statement. Whatever gown she chooses, it should showcase her personality.

Dresses for sweet 16 parties

The sweet 16 party, it is the pinnacle of any teenage girl’s life, a time when they will turn 16 and throw a huge party in celebration. Sweet 16 parties are almost a right of passage for any girl and part of the party involves some of the most exquisite dresses for sweet 16 parties. You have to remember what it must be like to turn 16 and hold a sweet 16 party, one of the main features is to look your best and dresses for sweet 16 parties are the way for girls to achieve this.

Even if it’s a friends sweet 16 party all girls go all out and break their parent’s bank accounts to buy the best dresses for sweet 16 parties available, it is all about the look, the glamour and the dresses for sweet 16 parties.

Choosing Dresses for Sweet 16 Parties

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is all dresses for sweet 16 parties are funky, outgoing dresses of some amazing colors and styles. If you are wondering what your daughter may want from a sweet 16 dress why not ask because you are sure to miss the mark if you choose dresses for sweet 16 parties yourself.

Well before the time of the sweet 16 party it is important to start looking for dresses for sweet 16 parties, you will find that there is a huge saturated market for dresses for sweet 16 parties so it will be a huge undertaking to find a killer dress that your daughter or relative will accept and that other girls at the party will not be looking at also. It is important to start looking for a sweet 16 dress early so there is no disappointment. If you’re able to find a dress with ample time to spare, it will alleviate any stresses that might come from not having choices of dresses for sweet 16 parties.

Typical dresses for sweet 16 parties are generally small strappy or strapless numbers that are short in length finishing above the knee, but not too short. You will notice the amazing variety in designs and styles but all of which are funky and fun.

Finding the right color for your Dresses for Sweet 16 Parties

After looking through and choosing a number of dresses for sweet 16 parties its time to start thinking about color. Unlike adult dresses for evenings out dresses for sweet 16 parties tend to come in a wider variety of more vibrant colors, from hot pinks to reds and blues, limes greens and more you will see so many colors you wont know where to start. It is important to try on all shortlisted dresses for sweet 16 parties to find which color is the most suitable, each color can make you sparkle or simple make you fall fowl of a fashion faux pas so finding the right color is important.

Time to accessorize those Dresses for Sweet 16 Parties!

Sweet 16 dresses are a great way to usher in a new era in one’s life. Many young ladies have huge elaborate sweet 16 parties. These types of parties are steeped in tradition. They started as coming out parties. Historically being sixteen as a girl meant that you were ready to start looking for a husband; of course that is certainly no longer the reason for sweet sixteen parties. There are songs about a young girl turning sixteen and being sweet, you can get your license in many states when you turn sixteen, there are a slew of rites of passages that being sixteen ushers in. It is still certainly a reason to celebrate.

Sweet 16 dresses are usually rather elaborate. They are well adorned. There is some debate as to whether jewelry should be worn with them.


Most sweet 16 dresses can stand on their own, and jewelry just becomes a distraction. You do not want to take away from the dress, or appear overdone up or gaudy. If you must wear jewelry keep it simple and limit the amount of jewelry that you wear with the dress.


A simple pair of diamond studs looks grand with everything. You can also wear small strand type of earrings; definitely stay away from big hoops and other large distracting earrings.


If you choose to wear a bracelet wear one that is simple. Avoid rows and rows of bracelets on your arm.


A simple strand of pearls can speak volumes; avoid heavy chains loaded down with charms.


Rings on each hand are fine, but keep it simple, don’t pile on the rings.

Sweet 16 dresses are meant to be noticed keeping your jewelry choices simple is the best way to make sure you do not overshadow your dress.

As with any dress for an important occasion finding the right accessories is important, the only difference between normal evening dresses and dresses for sweet 16 parties is that there does tend to be slightly less accessories on show. A sweet 16 party is all about the dress but that does not mean accessories should be forgotten. Even though you will find less accessories on show, those that are can make a huge impact to any dresses for sweet 16 parties.

The first thoughts need to be the shoes; with any dresses for sweet 16 parties the shoes have a huge impact. Sweet 16 dresses tend to be colorful and fun in design so funky and fun little strappy shoes with a small heel are a must. The color of the shoes is also important as they need to really add to the sweet 16 dress chosen so make sure you try the dress and shoes together so you know they really do work for each other to make the perfect outfit.

When thinking about jewelry you will find it is all about the funky jewelry such as bangles and larger earrings that all girls want. Silver is one of the better options for sweet 16 dress accessories with thick bracelets, bangles and pendant necklaces a must and silver earrings adding to the look.

Dresses for Sweet sixteen parties

Every little girl looks forward to the day when she can look like a princess dressed up in a sweet sixteen dress for her sweet sixteen party. There are many accessories that can be worn to accentuate the sweet sixteen dress including a tiara and elegant shoes. One of the most important accessories to compliment a sweet sixteen dress that should not be forgotten is jewelry. The style of the sweet sixteen dress will determine the amount and style of jewelry that should be worn. However, no sweet sixteen dress ensemble is complete without a little bit of jewelry.

Some parents might choose to give their daughter a nice piece of jewelry such as a diamond necklace or set of pearl earrings for her sixteenth birthday. These are nice pieces of jewelry that will look great with any style of sweet sixteen dress. If her ears are pierced, she should wear some elegant dangle earrings or a set of diamond studs. These are classic styles that never go out of fashion. The cut of the neckline on the dress will determine what style of necklace should be worn. A low-cut neckline would need a longer necklace to dress it up. However, a dress that is high-cut might look better with a choker style necklace. A bracelet would be a nice edition to a short sleeve or sleeveless dress. If a long sleeve dress is to be worn, bracelets wouldn’t be necessary since they would likely go unnoticed. Simple tennis bracelets would be classier than wearing several bangles or chunky bracelets. A ring would also be flattering.

Loud, gaudy jewelry should be avoided. Plastic bracelets and large obnoxious earrings would only distract from the sweet sixteen dress. Layering several beaded necklaces would look tacky. When choosing jewelry to go with your dress, lean more towards elegant and classy than trendy and bulky.

All girls attending a sweet 16 party want the best dresses for sweet 16 parties, whether this is a longer black dress or a small funky blue number you can be sure that all sweet 16 parties will have girls wearing the must have dresses for sweet 16 parties that are the latest fashion. If your daughter is about to turn 16 or is attending a sweet 16 party remember how much this means to them, it is the pinnacle of their teenage years so quality dresses for sweet 16 parties are a must.

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