Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride Dresses are available here for all types of occasions whether during the day or night we have all colors and all types of Mother of the Bride Dresses. Aside from hosting a state dinner, your daughter’s wedding is probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw. The last thing you want your Mother of the Bride to channel is “a whole lot of frumpy.”

The best way to make your guests feel welcome is to emit an air of confidence and happiness. A smile, a good pair of shoes and a fabulous Mother of the Bride dress will help you carry off your hostess duties with style and grace. Your daughter will be proud, your guests will offer a year’s worth of compliments, and the wedding photos will capture you and the wedding party at your very best.

Something for every “body”

Gone are the days of wedding party mothers in clichéd polyester pastels. Today’s enlightened wedding industry offers something for everyone’s taste, size and budget. Whether short, tall, petite or well-endowed, there is an infinite number of Mother of the Bride dresses from which to choose – classy silk mikado suits, floor-length gowns made of iridescent taffeta or tea-length dresses in figure-flattering jersey.

A confidence booster

While your daughter’s dress is at the top of the priority list, your wedding attire must be chosen with care, too. As hostess, you will be in the spotlight. If your clothes are poorly fitted or an unflattering color, you’re likely to feel ill at ease the whole day. Being dressed in a stunning ensemble with makeup, accessories and hair to match will ensure that you exude grace and self-assurance as you winsomely extend hospitality and orchestrate a celebration to remember.

Flattery will get you everywhere

A Mother of the Bride dress could be anything from a form-fitting silk crepe in pewter with a swing jacket to match to a ruffled frock in cascading royal blue that brings out the color of your eyes. Perhaps a column dress in coral is the gown of your dreams…or a jade-colored silk with a whisper-light illusion style shrug.

The wedding’s color scheme may dictate the color palette from which you choose, but try to make a fabric selection that flatters your skin tone. Whatever your choice, you want to feel like a million bucks while you dance, chat with guests and receive countless congratulatory hugs.

Something suitable

Suit ensembles give elegance and provide the layering necessary to deal with cold drafts at the church or synagogue. Long-sleeved jackets cover arms during photographs, but later can be set aside at the reception when the dance floor heats up. Cap sleeves, wrist-skimming cuffs, spaghetti straps, three-quarter length and off-the-shoulder sleeves are all acceptable variations. Select a neckline – scooped, V-cut, square or asymmetrical – that is flattering to your face shape and shoulder width.

A lengthy topic

Whether knee-skimming or swirling about your ankles, the length of the hostess’ dress should reflect the bride’s wishes, the formality of the ceremony and reception, and the cut most flattering and comfortable to the mother. If you have shapely legs, pair a more demure skirt length with a flirty side slit. Couple a floor-length gown with some sexy heels and a perfect pedicure.

Location, location

Keep in mind that a destination wedding on a beach in Tahiti will call for a less formal Mother of the Bride dress than an evening celebration at a glitzy city venue. A tasteful floral could be worn to a whimsical garden wedding, and even black is off the taboo list – but get your daughter’s nod of approval. Jewel tones, icy pastels and earthy hues are offered by most designers.

A matter of time

Mid-winter nuptials will invite heavier fabrics such as brocade or velvet, while sweltering mid-city afternoons will beg for strapped gowns with open backs and necklines that reveal a little more skin. Jackets can be tailored with formal embellishments of piping or crystals, or you may opt for minimal coverage with a short bolero or a sheer chiffon wrap. The choice is yours.

Here is a quick checklist to look your best on your daughter’s wedding day.

  • Do your research. Pick up some bride magazines and flip to the wedding party pages. Window shop at your local boutiques. Do a “Mother of the Bride Dresses” search on the Internet to see what’s trending this season and determine an acceptable price range.
  • Consult your daughter. Talk to the bride-to-be. Consider her vision, and remember it’s her day. Once you understand the theme, formality, color scheme and venue that will make her dreams come true, you can commence the hunt for a show-stopping dress!
  • Shop for your dress early. Avoid stress and dark circles by taking care of this wedding component early – four to six months prior to the nuptials if possible.
  • Consider cut, color, fabric, silhouette and budget. Be realistic about the season. Choose a fabric appropriate for the time of year. Hide your flaws and accentuate your best features by choosing flattering hemlines and sleeve lengths and a neckline and waistband that play up your best physical attributes and hide the rest.
  • Have a talented seamstress on standby. Don’t forget to try on your outfit several times after purchase, especially if you are working with a trainer at the gym prior to the wedding. Losing 10 pounds and toning up may dictate a few nips and tucks to your Mother of the Bride dress – not a bad problem to have, mind you!
  • Select shoes very carefully. They’ll make or break you. This is no time to be looking for bargain basement pumps. Pick a shoe that is stylish, but with a high comfort quotient.
  • Pick accessories thoughtfully. Go ahead…wear the heirloom necklace. If not now, when? A dress watch will come in handy, too. If you will be wearing a corsage, the flowers and a pair of earrings may be adornment enough, especially if your dress has extra detailing.
  • Don’t forget the underpinnings. Think body shaper, elegant slip, feminine camisole, perfect-fitting stockings, and a great bra. You want your dress to drape beautifully. The right foundation will make that happen.

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mother of the bride dresses today are not like they were even twenty years ago. In a word the older styles that were made for mom were dowdy. Most modern mothers simply are not having themselves be presented to the world in something to matronly.

Let’s face facts times have changed, people, especially the ladies are hanging on to their youth for as long as they can. Helping your mom make a sound choice when it comes to choosing the right type of mother of the bride dresses can be a bit touchy. Learning diplomacy will go a long way.

The Power of Persuasion

Keep in mind that you catch far more flies with honey than you do vinegar. Your mom may want to be a little more sexy and hip at your wedding than you want her to. If you do not approach this right way it could easily turn into a huge row. You have to be able to be diplomatic about the situation.

Steering mom to the right style for her and for you may require that you enlist the help of others, so that you can have a little assistance in the persuasion department. Invite one of your mom’s good friends to come along to shop. Having someone that can offer an opinion that may be easier to accept than yours is a great idea.

Mother of the bride dresses ultimately are meant for the mother of the bride feel good wearing, give her some leeway in making her choice, help her choose but down be to pushy.


Remember that shopping for mother of the bride dresses is supposed to be fun. So enjoy your time together and offer up honest opinions in a positive manner.

Mother of the Bride Gowns

Mother of the bride dresses can be difficult for mothers to find. The bride might have a specific design in mind of the mother of the bride dress, and her mother desperately wants to please her. Mom has enough stress going on with the wedding and doesn’t need the extra worries that go along with finding the perfect mother of the bride gown. Therefore, the bride should be enlisted to help select the mother of the bride dress. The dress should be chosen after the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses are picked so that the mother of the bride dress will fit in with the overall color scheme.

The mother of the bride should find a dress that’s flattering but also fits the wedding style. She can also consult with the mother of the groom to see what style of dress she has chosen. The mother might be worried about choosing an appropriate style that is modern enough because it’s not everyday her daughter gets married. It’s possible the last time she was in a wedding was her own, and styles have changed since then. With the help of the bride, a dress can be chosen that will prevent the mother of the bride from embarrassing herself and her daughter by arriving in a dress that is extremely outdated.

Although the dress should be purchased after the bridal party has chosen their dresses, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to start shopping. It could take weeks to months to find a dress that you can both agree on. The mother of the bride dress should also be purchased far enough in advance to allow time for alterations if necessary. Sometimes certain styles must be special ordered which will also take extra time.

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