Frequently Asked Questions

All About DressEmpire.Com

Dress Empire strives to create an atmosphere of ease and convenience for our clients, and our website has been designed to ensure easy navigation for completion of your shopping experience.

Ensuring our customers are happy with their experience here at is number one! While we are available to answer your questions at anytime, we have categorized the most common questions below. Please browse through them, if your answer is not here, contact us online or feel free to give us a call, anytime! Thank You.

Q: Can I be sure it is safe to purchase a gown online?

A: Absolutely, we guarantee your privacy and the security of your payment information. We also guarantee that the gowns and dresses we display will be the ones you receive once purchased.

Q. Can I find a store near my home?

A. Dress Empire currently has a Showroom in New York City that is open to the public. The Showroom houses about 300 gowns and short dresses selected by the in-house stylists. During the high-volume prom season, appointments for fittings can be made weekday afternoons by calling 212.292.8888 and speaking to Customer Service. Please note that young ladies wishing to try on prom dresses should be accompanied by a parent.

Q. Can I download a catalogue from your website?

A. Dress Empire serves our customers with a beautifully easy to navigate website that showcases our designer fashions in beautiful mobile windows. This allows you to see up close the fantastic design elements of each piece, which is far better than a static photograph in a catalogue! We can also take your order over the phone and help you navigate the website as we do so.

Q: How soon should I begin looking for a gown for a specific event?

A: It is best to begin your search on our website for a gown at least 8 to 12 weeks before the time your gown is needed. This will allow time for you to have any alterations made and to find the accessories you may need.

Q: Do you offer shoes, handbags or other accessories?

A: At this time we have chosen to concentrate on gowns and dresses only, in order to accommodate our clients' needs.

Q: How do I know which gown to choose?

A: We suggest you take a look through our website and look at the different styles of bodices, skirts and silhouettes you like. Once something catches your eye, then simply type in that particular style or designer to bring up other choices that is similar.

Q: If I am not sure of the correct gown for an occasion, can you help?

A: Our staff is fully trained in helping answer questions about the appropriate length and styles needed for formal events, and will always ensure your choice is beneficial to your needs.

Q: What price range is covered in your selections?

A: Dress Empire we strive to ensure every woman can find a gown or dress she can afford, therefore we carry gowns that range in price from $150.00 on up to the pricier levels. Every gown no matter the price is of a quality any woman will love to wear.

Authorized Retailer

Q. Are the gowns and dresses on your website original designs?

A. As a representative for the designers featured on DressEmpire, we are authorized to offer their gowns and dresses for sale. Each design is an authentic piece offered for sale as an original by the designer.

Q. Will your customer service be available when I need them?

A. DressEmpire prides itself on being there for our customers; we will gladly answer any questions you may have in regard to a particular design, designer, or issue you need assistance with. Please contact us by email or call us at (888) 655-2998. Our customer service department is available Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday-Closed, and Sunday 11am-3pm EST.

Q. Will I look for the same size I normally wear when looking for designer gowns?

A. No, designer gowns are extremely well crafted dresses, each seam is sewn with care to enhance the look of the design. This means that they do not fit like an off the rack creation. You will have to carefully measure your hips, bust and waist to ensure you are purchasing a gown that will fit. Once you have your measurements you can use the size charts on our website to calculate the correct size. When you are unsure of a size variance, always go with the larger size, it is easy to alter a gown to fit correctly.

Q. What is the best way to ensure my measurements are correct?

A: When it comes to purchasing designer dresses, our suggestion is to have your measurements taken by a friend or qualified seamstress or tailor of high regard. Always ensure you are wearing the foundation undergarments you plan to wear with the dress for the perfect fit. The tailor should be sure the tape measure is lying loosely against your skin; this will ensure a comfortable fit, which is snug without being overly tight. Here is the suggested way for measurements to be taken:

a. Bust Measurement - While you are standing perfectly straight, with your arms at your side, have the tape measure slid around your bust line and measure at the fullest portion of your chest.

b. Waist Measurement - Standing straight with your arms at your side, place the tape measure around your waist where it is the narrowest. You can find your natural waist-line by bending to the side, and marking the crease at your side.

c. Hip Measurement - Stand up straight, with arms at your side, measure the fullest portion of your buttocks, wrapping the tape measure around the sides and front of your body.

Q. How do I know which colors the dress is available in, if I do not like the display color?

A. Every designer piece we display has the available color choices displayed with the image. In some instances, only one color is available from the designer. If you like a design, yet wish to see it in another color, please call us or contact us online, and we will arrange to show you another color choice or give a description that will help you form a mental picture of the various hues.

Q: What is the full length of the dresses offered?

A: Dress lengths will vary by designer, but general measurements are commonplace. Our models are tall at 5'9", which is an industry standard height, and on them the designer dresses measure as follows;

Full Length Gowns - From the collarbone to the bottom of the hem = 55-60" or 140-152cm.

Short Dresses - From the collarbone to the bottom of the hem = 27-32" or 68-80cm.

We care greatly about our customer’s happiness, and always are only an email or phone call away to answer any specific questions you may have about the exact proportions and lengths of any gown or ensemble we carry. Contact us to request any information you need to ensure your purchase will be perfect.

Q: Are shawls and dresses a part of the dresses purchase package?

A: Each ensemble pictured with a shawl or jacket comes with that particular item; while a variety of designer dresses come with a sheer matching shawl, that is not pictured, please contact us for the specifics about shawls for a particular design you are interested in.

Q: Do you provide special orders for specific dresses made to order?

A: The only dresses we have available are listed on our website, and they are available in only the colors, styles, and sizes listed. You may of course have any dress altered to suit once purchased by a professional tailor or seamstress. We are unable to process special request for designs.

Q: May I return a dress for refund or exchange if I am not satisfied?

A: Since we work with designers who have a NO RETURN/EXCHANGE policy, we endeavor to ensure your dress is inspected by our shipping department before they are shipped for correctness in all areas. We always ensure your dresses will be shipped in perfect condition to your order specifications. While we understand that purchasing an evening gown is an extravagant purchase, we are always happy to address any concerns personally. Please contact us by email or phone at (888) 655-2998 with any concerns or questions regarding your purchase.

Ready to Place an Order

Q: Can you tell me how to place an order with DressEmpire?

A: We have created one of the easiest ordering systems online! Every step is designed to ensure your order is placed with the utmost care given to details to ensure your dress order is placed correctly and accurately for your satisfaction. Once you have chosen your dress you will be guided through the order process, please follow the steps as directed.

Q: If I do not choose to use a credit card, is there another payment option?

A: We endeavor to make your shopping experience as easy as possible and we are happy to accept alternate payment types. Please open an account with PayPal and the funds will automatically transfer from your bank over the secure PayPal network. We also accept Western Union, money orders, and direct bank transfers. Of course the latter wire transfers must be from accepted services.

Q: Is there an entrance on the payment form for money orders, and wire transfers?

A: It is actually very simple, on the bottom of the payment page after adding contact information, you will be directed to; you will find these payment options. Once we have received your request, and verified product availability, we will then contact you to provide the further information needed for these delicate money transfers in a secure manner.

Q: How does paying with PayPal work?

A: Paying with PayPal is as easy as paying with a credit card, and just as secure. Once you have completed your shopping, and move to the "Add to Cart" step of the process, you will find the "Checkout with “PayPal" option on the payment page, after entering your contact and shipping information. Once you have chosen this option, you will automatically be directed to your PayPal account page for payment verification. Once you submit the payment on PayPal your order is submitted for processing to the shipping department.

Q: Do you allow phone orders?

A: Yes, you can order over the phone by calling during normal business hours. Unfortunately, we cannot accept PayPal payments over the phone; this payment type is only accepted online through our website.

Q: Will you tell me if the order was accepted properly?

A: Once your order is submitted properly, you will be automatically directed to our secure confirmation page, where you will be assigned your personal confirmation number for your personal records. Your order number should always be used when you contact us with any questions about your order.

Q: Why am I receiving check out error messages?

A: These messages are automatically generated if there is an issue with your credit card information, or if the billing and shipping addresses do not match. Please read the message and correct the missing or incorrect information as directed. If you are unable to complete your order after correcting the information, please contact us for further help from our Customer service Department.

Product Availability

Q: Can I purchase any dress seen on your site?

A: While many of the dresses and ensembles are ready for order today, you may want to check for the correct size and color availability for your specific dress choice. Please contact us with any questions prior to placing your order. Be sure you have written down the style number, size, and color choice you have selected. We will be happy to verify availability, shipping and arrival date.

Q: Why do some dresses have a Pre-Order date listed in the description?

A: These dresses and ensembles are currently out of stock, but carry a future availability date. Please be aware that these dates are always subject to change by the designers.

Q: What are the Special Order Dresses?

A: Our designers make a few of their designs available through special orders which are 'cut' especially for you. These dresses and ensembles take additional shipping time; up to 12 weeks after ordering. Your credit card will be charged upon confirmation of order processing through the designer. Since these are unique personalized design sizes, if you choose to cancel your Special Orders, after you have received confirmation, you will be subject to a 50% restocking fee. We strongly recommend you endeavor to find dresses from our available stock, in order to expedite the shipping process in a speedy manner.

Questions about Your Order

Q: After placing my order, what happens then?

A: We want to thank you for shopping with DressEmpire, and ensure that your shopping experience has been successful. In order to do this we always issue confirmation numbers for you to use in tracking your orders process through our system. You will be sent an email with this confirmation number attached, and once your order has been processed you will receive an additional email with an estimated shipping date, or a request form for further information should a problem occur with dress availability.

Q: If the dress I ordered is not currently available, what can I do?

A: Please allow us to check the availability of your second choice in dresses. You can do this by emailing us the dress style number, size, and color options you have chosen from the website. We will happily replace the original dress with your second choice. If you are not ready to make that decision, please contact us by email us or phone to cancel your original order process.

Q: Is tracking my order available online through your website?

A: We have placed tracking sources online for your convenience. Please click HERE and enter the correct order number and email address you entered on the order page.

Q: Once confirmed, may I make changes to my order?

A: Please contact us by email or phone to edit any information about your current confirmed order.

Q: Is cancelling my order after confirmation possible?

A: All pending orders can be cancelled without penalty, but if an order is cancelled after processing, but it has not yet been shipped, your order will be subjected to a $35 restocking fee. If your order is cancelled after shipping, the restocking fee is subject to upwards of 50%. You may cancel an order by sending us an email or calling us at (888)655-2998.

Shipping Information

Q: What is the standard shipping time?

A: We provide shipping through our UPS Carrier, and they have a standard shipping time of 3-7 business days within the continental US, based on your location. You may take a look at standard shipping dates to your location on our shipping map.

Q: Can I request an expedited shipping date?

A: All orders are available to be shipped through UPS's expedited Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and their special 3 Day Select shipping times. You must place your order before 2pm EST to take advantage of these expedited shipping schedules. An actual location address must be used; expedited shipping is not available to PO Boxes.

Q: What are your shipping price rates?

A: DressEmpire offers free shipping for orders over $200, via ground shipping schedules. We have provided a "Calculate Shipping" tool for orders under $200 and for expedited shipping rates based on your locations zip code. You will find this tool underneath the dress description box for your chosen dress style online.

Q: I am desperate! Can you get a dress to me right away?

A: We value our customers' needs and are always available to verify availability and help in expediting rush orders. Please contact us by phone for immediate shipping of available dress styles. Call us at (888) 655-2998.We will gladly ship any order received before 2pm EST on the same day after credit card verification, and your dress will arrive overnight. We are sorry but overnight shipping is not available outside the confines of the Continental US.

Q: If needed will my dress arrive on a Saturday?

A: All Saturday orders are subject to availability of UPS delivering on Saturday in your area for orders placed after 3pm EST on Thursday and before 11am EST on Friday. Your dress must be available in stock, credit card approved, and there will be a Premium Delivery Charge of $30 for all Saturday delivery request.

International Customers

Q: What are the delivery times for International Orders?

A: DressEmpire proudly services their International clients with worldwide UPS Shipping in 3-8 business days.

Q: What are the shipping rates for International orders?

A: Standard UPS Shipping rates are as follows; Canada=$15-25 depending on location. All other International shipped orders are subject to location specific charges; estimated at $15-45 depending on location.

Q: How should I pay for International Orders?

A: Since International Credit Cards can be hard to verify, we suggest that you pay using your PayPal account, Western Union or Bank money transfers. These are exceptionally easy, safe and secure online shopping payment methods for International purchases.

Accepted Payment Methods

Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?

A: Because of the ease of using and quick verification for domestic and International customers we prefer payment through the PayPal network. We also accept Western Union, Visa, Discover, Amex, and MasterCard.

Q: Will my order be subject to sales tax?

A: Only those orders placed within the state of New York are subject to the New York sales tax, since this is where we are located. The current sales tax rate is calculated at 8.875%.

Q: When will my credit card be charged for the purchase?

A: Once your order is submitted your PayPal/credit card account will be subject to authorization of the full amount of the purchase. While the charge is pending your bank will hold these funds, and once the dress is shipped, the full amount will be charged to your account for immediate payment. Special Orders are always charged upon confirmation of your order.

Electronic Check Processing