Dress Empire Reviews

I ordered my Jovani Dress and I am so happy I did. It was even nicer up close than online. The service at Dressempire.com was great they answered all my questions concerning the dress I had been looking into for quite a while. It was easy to choose this cute little dress! They also easily had my size and other sizes near mine which is surprising because many dress boutiques don’t have a variety of sizes. Thank you so much for helping my find the perfect Jovani!

-Kathy, NY

I had heard so much about Faviana by watching “My fair wedding” and seeing David Tutera’s line of Faviana gowns and I was so excited to buy one. I was hesitant about shopping online but I quickly found out I was wrong. I looked up many sites and found Dressempire.com; they had a great selection of Faviana dresses. There are so many variety and colors. The service lady was so nice; she helped me choose the perfect gown that matches my style! Thanks dressempire.com!

-Lori, CT

I was recently a senior in high school and everyone knows prom is THE event to look the hottest. So finding a pretty dress was important to me. I knew if I shopped at a local dress outlet I was going to buy a dress that someone else has.  But I wanted to take photos and look back and think …wow…I look freaking hot!  I wanted to stand out! Dressempire.com has THE most amazing prom dresses. They have like a billion fabulous dresses!!! It was hard to choose but I found the perfect one, it was short and had sequins! And I smile at my pix now! I looked one of a kind!  I would recommend Dressempire.com for my sister’s proms coming this year too.

-Tiffany, TX

I loved my cocktail dress from Dressempire.com I was hesitant to order online but the customer service was outstanding! They were sweet, answered all my questions and most importantly my dress shipped quickly. Dressempire.com is my go-to for cocktail dresses. I love them!

-Maribel, SC

I am so happy with the customer service and the selection of evening gowns from Dress Empire. They knew exactly the perfect evening gown I was looking for its like they could read my mind. The dress arrived in neat packaging and very well kept! Thank you very much!

-Alexandra, WS

I was worried about wearing a frumpy mother of the bride dress that aged me like the selection at most department stores. Somehow nowadays mother of the bride means unstylish old lady; I mean yes I am a mother, but I don’t need to look old either! Dressempire.com had a beautiful selection of mother of the bride dresses. My dress came with a cute bolero! Very trendy! I was compared with my daughter at her wedding as being sisters! Now how cool is that? They surprisingly understood my needs. So I wanted to take a small moment to say thanks.

-Samantha, FL

I’m so excited for my Tony Bowlz dress!!! All’s I can say is o-m-f-g I love it so much!!! The reps were awesome. With great taste might I add? Oh and did I say I love my dress?!!!Dressempire.com rocks!

-Britney, LA

I felt like a princess in my Terani dress. It was studded and glam and so me. You should feel terrific and uniquely beautiful during your sweet 16 and that is exactly how the dress made me feel. It was a night to remember. I would recommend everyone purchase a Terani from Dressempire.com.  Not only was the gown beautiful but so was the service!

-Nicole, NC

My Bridesmaids were not too shabby about my Alice in wonderland wedding theme but hey what can I say no one ever accused me of being traditional, I’ll admit…but thank god they loved the dresses I purchased for them at Dressempire.com.  The dresses were adorable and they had stock in all the bridesmaids’ sizes. At least that one aspect of my wedding was easy!

-Annett, GA

I really dislike spending hours shopping around in stores having to deal with the salespeople and did not want to take a 3 hour drive to David’s Bridal. So I opted to shop online. To my relief I found a gorgeous modern day bridal gown at dressempire.com. The moment I took it out of the packaging it was so breath taking.  I looked elegant and my dress was definitely one of a kind. My shopping experience with Dressempire.com was nothing less than pleasant. I am so glad I shopped at their site! So wonderful!

-Crystal, TN

Dressempire.com has the largest selection of floral print dresses that are so pretty and trendy. I don’t like those country style floral dresses I like modern bold floral prints and they had all that and more. Thank the lord. I am so happy I purchased my dress at this site.

-Andréa, NV

I wanted a sequin dress like I saw on Sienna Miller at the MTV movie awards and I thought it was gonna be impossible to find one like that. But the service lady at Dressempire.com showed me some really cute nice ones that looked just like it, I ended up choosing this cute pink sequined dress and I love it. I have never been so happy with a online purchase like this ever.

-Maggie, UT

I hate those princess style dresses all poufs and tutus and crap. For my 22 bday I wanted a sexy vintage style dress. Which believe me is hard to find. I came across Dressempire.com and seen what they had to offer and turned out to be a lot which made me happy because now I had more choices. I came across this perfect 1950’s style dress with a corset and it hugged my sexy curves. I looked like Dita Von Teese, probably even hotter. I definitely want to buy more. The dresses were nice and weren’t expensive at all, plus it came quick just in time for my bday.

-Brandi, NY

My gays love this dress. I could stop this review at that but I also must say It was screamed extreme fabulist. Not only was the Zebra print dress one hot number, it fit better than my hot coral freak um’ dress. WOW. That’s all I have to say folks. Dressempire.com = love.

-Leslie, AU

There were so many lovely elegant style dresses to choose from at Dressempire.com. I wanted to be ravishing at my 20 year anniversary. Something with a timeless beauty. When I put on a long elegant black dress I purchased from there, my husband said he still couldn’t believe how beautiful I was after all these years. I couldn’t believe the look in his eyes. You cannot put a price on that. I had a lovely experience that night. I am a new lover of Dressempire.com. I have to thank them for helping me create this night to remember.

 -Natalie, NM

Actually I wasn’t even looking to shop, because in all honesty I never ever shop online, especially if it’s not for my children’s needs. Until I was hovering over my daughter looking at this fantastic ruched dress she stumbled on Dressempire.com while web surfing. It was this gorgeous rose pink short number. OK I’ll admit I definitely didn’t need the dress but it was time I treated myself. I wore it to my 47th birthday dinner and got so many compliments.  I am so happy with my experience on the phone with Dressempire.com service representative because she made me laugh, gave me the smile of my day. I will be buying more from them. Good thing we “stumbled” on that dress that night. It’s the nicest thing I bought myself in a very long time.

-Shaniqua, NY

I loved shopping at Dressempire.com I found quality dresses for reasonable prices. Plus my order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The service there was top notch. The reps were knowledgeable, answered all my questions and gave me their utmost support every step of the way. I wish every online shop was like this one.

-Jenny, WV

Dressempire.com is my number one spot for a variety of very hot very cute trendy dresses. Their service is unbeatable. It’s a personalized shopping experience that cannot be beat. You will not find another dress website like this one!

-Carla, IR

Dressempire.com has such a huge variety of different designer gowns. It’s my number one choice for dresses that suit any event from as simple to a dinner or as extravagant as a ball. If you want a great chance of finding a unique dress, try out Dressempire.com for a wide selection.

-Charmane, NY

My homecoming was only a few weeks away, and I still didn't have a dress and couldn’t find one anywhere.  Luckily I found empire's website.  I found exactly what I was looking for right away.  No one's dress compared to mine! Thank you Dressempire.com for giving such quick and extraordinary service on delivering my homecoming dress and making my homecoming such a special day.

-Cindy, NE

Loved my Cinderella inspired dress! I couldn't have asked for more. My cousin's wedding is coming up and I will definitely be purchasing my dress from Dressempire.com.  Thank you!

-Olga, OK

My son's wedding was coming up and I still had no idea what I was going to wear.  I found this beautiful royal blue dress in Dressempire.com. I felt like a million bucks wearing this dress, and I received many compliments.  Quick delivery and wonderful customer care. 

-McKenzie, KS

My twenty fifth birthday was just two weeks away I had a huge party planned but still no dress! Searching Dressempire.com I found this beautiful jeweled short dress; I couldn't resist not purchasing this awesome dress.  Received it within a couple of days just in time for my party.  It fit perfectly. 

-Jamie, WI

I purchased a Dave and Johnny dress from Dressempire.com for my pageant.  I never felt so elegant and sexy, the dress fit me perfectly.  It was like I was made for this gown. 

-Jesse, ID

You always hear headaches when it comes to online shopping.  Your item never gets there on time or you just never receive it.  This is about my fifth time purchasing from Dressempire.com and each time I always received my item on time, never had a problem with them.  Love this website and my daughter loved the beautiful red dress I purchased for her graduation. 

-Sarah, OH

Jovani's dresses are beautiful and that’s exactly how I wanted to look.  I purchased the perfect dress on empires website.  I was extremely scared that it was not going to arrive on time.  But it did and the people who work at Dressempire.com are so helpful.  Thank you, I will be purchasing from here again.

-Rowan, WA

My yellow multi coloured Faviana Couture dress came in quick and the service was great!

-Mel, AZ

Looking for a prom dress can be so difficult.  But I found the perfect dress on Dressempire.com website.  My baby pink dress was as beautiful as it looked on the website.  Thank you Empire for making my "fairytale" come true.

-Lisa, CA

El trabajo de mi esposo Iva tenir una fiesta.   El website de Dressempire.com tience tantos vestidos que no sabia cual escoger.  El vestido no era tanto dinero y llego muy rapido.  Gracias Empire estava linda esa noche!

-Marisol, DR

Queria un vestido que nadie ha visto.  Encontre un vestido tan lindo en el color "baby blue."  Quide tan bella en dia muy especial para me familia y yo.  Gracias Empire para el servico tan rapido y bueno. 

-Vanessa, CL

Mi vestido para homecoming era tan bonito.  Todo mundo estava preguntando adonde encontre ese vestido.  Le dije en mi website favorito, Dressempire.com! Ahora todo las personas que conosco va para Empire para compra sus vestidos 5 star!

-Lola, NY

Queria verme tan sexy y bella en el dia de mi cumpleanos.  Y eso es lo que Dressempire.com me dio.  Que vestidos tan bellas y sexy tiene este website.Estava muy sorprendida que me vestido llego tan rapido. Voy usar Empire para todos ocasiones.

-Maria, PR

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