We all have our share of good days, bad days and fat days. Even the best of hourglass figures have their share of gloomy ‘fat days’. A ‘fat day’ invariably leads to a bad day because even the most confident and secure women surrender to the misery of not looking their best on such days.

Every ‘fat day’ ends with a super resolution, ‘starting tomorrow I am going on a strict diet’ or ‘gym, here I come!’ Ironically, many of you are yet to see this tomorrow because the dawn of the next day invariably brings a whole new set of scenarios to make you forget all your good resolutions.

So what happens when you have to look your best and slimmest today and there is simply no time to go on a starvation diet or a roller-coaster work out? Moreover, what happens when a ‘fat day’ strikes at a time when you have a special date, a wedding or a party on for that night? Rule number one, stop the panic attacks, it doesn’t work well with your sugar levels and that means more of the dreaded fat days to come. Sometimes, the simplest option is to embrace your body shape just the way it is and to give it a terrific amping with the right clothing. Here’s some tips to get you going.

Tip # 1

Don’t buy clothes that hang on you or make you look as if you are slowly being strangled to death in it. Loose fitting clothes are disastrous for ‘fat days’ since they will only add more pounds to your shape instead of concealing what you already have. Too tight outfits will make your bumps and bulges very obvious. If you had just splurged on a dress that doesn’t fit properly on you either exchange it for the correct size or get it altered for a perfect fit. Stay away from bulky and heavy fabrics that can add inches to your visual weight. Light airy and soft fabrics like cashmere, jersey, chiffon are good options when your intention is to look slim.

Tip # 2

Use subtle color blocking tricks such as draping the unflattering areas in your body with darker hues. For example Jovani 955 is a superb choice for a formal evening when you consciously feel the extra heaviness around your hips and thighs. Fun and flirty Jovani 5208 and Jovani 2244 are excellent choices to showcase your killer legs while concealing a top heavy shape in a stylish way.

Tip # 3

Stay away from all those boxy shaped garments in your wardrobe. A box shape easily generates horizontal lines accentuating the lack of curves underneath the outfit. Wear casual tops that skim along your hips instead of the crop tops that cut up to make you look shorter and plumper.

Tip # 4

You have a fantastic figure! And that is a fact, irrespective of the thickening around your waist, a heavy bottom or a top heavy frame you still look lovely because there are certain aspects of your figure that has real stand out qualities. Focus on your strong points and a ‘fat bad day’ is the best time to bring these assets into play. If you have a superb bust-line select a curve forming strapless with a sweetheart neckline or a halter with a deep V neckline. Let the rest of your dress glide in elegant loose falls over the full hips and thighs. Check out Mac Duggal 64270F and Mac Duggal 64378F for inspiration. On the other hand, if you have an hourglass waist choose a nipped in or cinched style for big impact. Check out Jovani 5954 and Jovani 827. Great legs are meant to be dressed in gorgeous mini skirts, rock yours’ in Jovani 2158, Mac Duggal 42723F or Tadashi IT90322MXQ. Never mind about the lack or excess of curves elsewhere, all eyes will be reverted to your slinky legs accentuated by these fantastic dresses.


Tip # 5

Jeans are super casual choices for any wardrobe irrespective of age, size and shape. However, when it comes to dressing a heavy booty the skinny type doesn’t work positively on the slimming aspect. For a super flattering look choose a dark washed pair with a light boot cut. But if you are still insisting on the skinny jeans look for one with a straight cut that will taper along your legs without clinging to it in a skin tight unflattering way.

Tip # 6

Dig out your shape wear or invest in some quality items like spandex shorts and a spandex full body. A shape wear helps to smoothen and streamline a disproportionate silhouette and provides you with a really amazing look. Go from gloomy day to a va-va-vroom time with a spandex full body underneath and a glamorous Jovani 4940 or Tadashi KN716M on top of it.

Tip # 7

Use the right type of accessories to match your look. So you have a slim waist and disappointingly thick hips. Make sure the attention remains at the center of your body where it matters with a long necklace of many strands. Broad belts add length to your torso and makes you look slimmer.

Tip # 8

While heels are always a good choice when you want to add a significant inch or two to your height and enhance posture, you’d be making an excellent selection with nude pumps. In contrast to bright toned shoes that cut off at the feet shortening your legs, nude pumps add to the illusion of longer legs.

Tips # 9

Draw the attention away from your uncomfortable zones. When clothing tricks fail use the right hairstyle to ensure the spotlight catches and stays on your beautiful face. Try a sleek chignon with the hair pulled away from the face for a glamour diva look.

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